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Schools and Colleges have many departments, groups and internal organizations that host and manage both long term campaigns and short-term activities. Acceptiva enables the creation of custom online forms for any payment or donation need whether for alumni giving, event registrations, departmental support donations or RSVPs and sign-ups for student activities.

The Acceptiva platform incorporates an editable transaction database, sophisticated reporting and bookkeeping tools to facilitate ease of reporting across departments, ensures that your secure online forms have a consistent, professional appearance and that managing, and reporting funds is simple yet flexible and logical.

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Easily accept all online payments and gifts

Easily accept all online payments and gifts via secure, flexible, custom forms. Professional, stylish and with a consistent look and feel, Acceptiva forms ensure that you can accept any payment need from your website quickly, conveniently and seamlessly. Our expert staff will create an unlimited number of custom forms when you need them, and even edit and update them as required.


Unified way to enable and manage multiple
payment and donation options

Need a unified way to enable and manage multiple campaigns, alumni activities, event payment and giving options?  Acceptiva has you covered! Whether you are signing people up for Educational Classes, School Events or tracking Registrations and recurring payments, Acceptiva has a customized form to meet your every need. Special registrations – like Tuition and Class Enrollment, require specialized fields and data collection; so do Sports Camps and Alumni event sign ups and RSVPs. Acceptiva can also easily and simply handle donations, gifts and online payments for any School activity or event. No matter the need, payment type or frequency, Acceptiva forms ensure simplicity, ease of use and complete data collection.


Bookkeeping for multiple events and groups

Bookkeeping for multiple events and groups can be complex and confusing. Acceptiva not only provides accurate, immediate access to all transaction data but also enables your bookkeeper to easily view and manage funds deposits by campaign, group, form or activity. Multiple merchant and bank accounts can be integrated into one Acceptiva account to ensure that accounting and tracking of donors, payers, members and all funds are conveniently located and reportable from the Acceptiva portal. No more guessing about payments or who paid for what activity. Acceptiva reporting makes bookkeeping a breeze.


Viewable donor and payer database

Our donor and payer database is viewable in aggregate, by form(s), project or client. Transaction data can be edited, changed and logged to ensure that all activity is always accurate and up to date. Create customized reports across multiple forms and save them for future access and download. View and sort all transaction data on screen in real time and print or output in Excel, CSV or .pdf format. Our reporting is powerful, sophisticated and yet simple to understand and use. Access to data can be governed by permission settings and funds deposits can be viewed and managed across multiple bank accounts.

Acceptiva creates hundreds of different online forms for Schools and Colleges every day, including the following:




Senior Trip






Donations and Recurring Gift Processing



Cap & Gown



Scholarship Gifts
and Support



Sports & Extracurricular Program Registrations






Gala Payments and



Field Trip Registrations
& Fees






Fees and Fines
Processing and more



“William & Mary has been a very happy Acceptiva client for over 10 years. We continue to rely on Acceptiva to quickly create, host and manage the many forms that we use each day to process online transactions.”

College of William and Mary

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