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AcceptivaPro is a powerful API that allows developers to integrate a complete payment gateway and billing platform into their services. Whether you are an independent software or application developer or an online payment facilitator, the AcceptivaPro suite of services is the easiest and most powerful way to make online payment processing a revenue-generating part of your business.

AcceptivaPro provides everything you and your clients need to process and manage online transactions; a secure PCI compliant payment gateway, easy billing, and a client portal for your clients to manage their own transactions and reporting. Contact us to learn more about what AcceptivaPro provides.
As you essentially become the service provider once you integrate with AcceptivaPro, our billing platform allows you to set gateway fees and create your own business model.
Not only can your clients rely on the security of our payment gateway and servers to keep sensitive information safe, they get access to a full suite of management tools and backend functionality that you would otherwise have to provide: automated email receipts, robust and flexible reporting, void and refunding transactions, and more. The customization of fees allows you to cater to the needs of your client's business model.
None! Once you have integrated with AcceptivaPro, billing, email receipts, and client support is handled by our experienced team. We do the work, you get the credit!
We provide extensive tech support resources, including detailed API documentation and help from our own expert developers.