Acceptiva Via
Mobile App

Accept credit and debit card donations and payments directly from your Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, or Android device using the Acceptiva Via Mobile App, now available in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

The mobile app supports signature capture and recurring charges, and processes to a new ‘Mobile’ page within your existing Acceptiva account. The app is perfect for when you need to quickly process donations or payments.

Transactions processed using the app are viewable in your Acceptiva Client Manager reporting and email receipts are sent if an email address is entered for a transaction.

Pricing and Transaction Details

  • Acceptiva Via Mobile App Download: FREE
  • Mobile Merchant Account Service Fee: $6.95 per month *
  • Mobile Transaction Processing fee: 25 cents per transaction **
  • Mobile Device Card Reader: $79.00 (optional)

* Each mobile device that uses the Acceptiva Via Mobile App requires a separate mobile merchant account and will incur a separate mobile merchant account service fee.

** Standard current merchant account processing fees apply

Mobile App FAQ’s

How do I get started accepting payments via the mobile app?

  1. Contact Acceptiva Customer Service via email or phone 1-800-507-3871
  2. Let us know how many mobile merchant accounts you’d like to activate, including the name and email address of each individual who will be downloading the mobile app to accept payments

What is a mobile card reader? Do I need one?

A mobile card reader plugs into your mobile device and allows you to ‘swipe’ payment card information rather than entering it manually. A card reader is not necessary to use the mobile app, but it makes processing transactions faster.

Card readers for your mobile device can be purchased from Acceptiva here. Only mobile device card readers purchased from Acceptiva will work with the Acceptiva Via Mobile App.

Which devices are compatible with the mobile app?

The Acceptiva Via Mobile App is available on iPhone 4S or newer, iPad Pro, iPad 4 or newer, iPad mini iPad Touch 5th generation or newer. For Android compatibility, please see our Android compatible device list


What is a mobile merchant account?

A mobile merchant account is a separate merchant account that works with your existing merchant account to enable processing of mobile transactions. You will need one mobile merchant account for each mobile device (user) that will accept payments via the mobile app.

Does the mobile app support pledges and recurring transactions?

Yes! The mobile app offers the same highly flexible options for accepting recurring gifts, tithes, subscription and pledge/campaign gifts as our regular forms.

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