The most flexible, feature-rich forms on the web

Acceptiva builds beautiful and user-friendly forms quickly and easily!


Custom Branded Forms

Say goodbye to generic, boring donation forms and event registrations! Let our expert form-builders customize your page with your organization's colors, icon, banner image, and background photos!

Mobile Responsive

Let donors give to you from anywhere, anytime. Acceptiva pages look and perform perfectly whether viewed on a tablet, smartphone, or desktop. Ensure a seamless experience for users and grow donations.

CSS Editor

Need to make a quick change to your form? No problem - editing styles is easy with our Custom CSS Editor! Not familiar with CSS? No worries, just give us a call or email and we'll take care of it!

Embeddable Forms

Launch your online payment, donation, or registration form into a new tab or embed them directly into your webpage with our custom iframes. Check out an example of an iframed page here.

Campaign Thermometers

Our customizable thermometer widget can help you boost donations and reach fundraising goals faster! Donations and pledges are recorded in real time so donors can see their contribution to your goal!

Multi-Step Forms

Multi-step forms are not only mobile friendly, they break up up the donation or registration process into easy to complete sections, resulting in a better user experience for donors.


Pledges & Recurring Donations

Attract bigger donations with pledges and recurring payments. We offer the most flexible giving options so donors can find a gift frequency that works perfectly for their needs.


Allow donors and members to give online easily, whether they prefer to give via check or credit card! With our secure transactions, donors can give knowing their information is safe and secure.

Virtual Terminal

Need to accept payments in person or over the phone? No problem! Acceptiva provides you with a virtual terminal free of charge so all donor transaction data is in one place, whether gifts are made online or in person.

Discount Codes

Easily adjust the pricing of anything from a t-shirt to a ticket. Want to offer 50% for the first 100 attendees? Or take $5 off when you buy 2 or more? It's easy to do! See our discount codes in action!

Early Bird Pricing

Set Early Bird pricing and other automatic pricing adjustments based on a calendar date or the number of items sold. Price changes and Sold Out items reflect automatically, just set it and forget it!

Level One Payment Gateway

Unlike form builders that require you to integrate with and pay for a separate payment gateway provider, Acceptiva's all-in-one solution includes a Level One PCI-DSS certified gateway.


Email Receipts

Automatic receipts ensure every donor receives a quick thank you and a record for their taxes! Customize email receipts around a campaign or invite donors to connect with your organization through social media.

Instant Notifications

Development staff and leadership can opt to be instantly notified of new gifts and registrations via email, and never miss a chance to connect with donors and patrons who support your organization's mission.

Payer Management

Track giving and other donor interactions and keep your fundraising team informed with our payer management tools! Update your board with the latest giving numbers quickly with our powerful reporting tools.

Social Media

Allow donors to instantly share when they've made a donation to your organization! Boost "Likes" and "Follows" by linking to your organization's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media accounts!

Google Analytics Integration

Tracking incoming traffic and refining your marketing is easy with our simple Google Analytics integration. Improve social media engagement and click-thrus to your donation and registration pages.

Surveys & RSVPs

Need to register volunteers or take a survey? Solicit feedback and increase engagement with your donors or congregation with our surveys, volunteer registrations, and other nonpayment forms!