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  • We create and edit your customized and secure payment pages for you
  • Automatic receipts sent to your donors and members
  • All donor data is available conveniently online
  • We provide a virtual terminal for processing manual transactions
  • Set up and integration of a low cost merchant account
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Frequently Asked Questions

Acceptiva Payment Pages:
What does my Acceptiva page include?
An Acceptiva page is a set of secure online forms that are related to a single event, activity or campaign. Each page includes the customized main form that links from your organization's web site, the verification and customized thank you pages that donors receive prior to and after completing a transaction and a customized email receipt that is sent automatically to donors.
A page can be a simple donation or tithe page, a registration page for an event, a form to sell tickets or one of dozens of other reasons that a nonprofit may have to accept payments securely online. See the Acceptiva Video Demo for more details or see our sample pages.
What types of pages are available to Acceptiva clients?
Pages are customized to the needs of each individual client and so there is an unlimited number of combinations available and currently in use by our clients. They vary from simple "donations only" pages to more detailed registration forms. Many of our clients use their Pages to sell tickets to events or to sign up participants for activities or membership for their organization. Pages can also include check boxes, drop down option fields, text boxes and additional data fields to allow you to gather more information from donors. See the Acceptiva Video Demo for more details or see our sample pages.
Can I accept American Express with Acceptiva?
Yes, all Acceptiva accounts include Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express card acceptance. Deposits from all four card providers are batched into your bank account on the same schedule so that settlement and accounting are that much easier. And our settlement reporting allows you to determine transactions by card type, Acceptiva page and donor.
How do I submit changes to existing Acceptiva pages?
Simply email us your changes/edits to Indicate the URL of the page that you'd like edited.
Can I have more than one page with Acceptiva?
Yes, you can have as many pages as your organization needs for the same one time set-up fee and low monthly fee. The majority of our clients have multiple pages active at the same time, a page for general donations and several for various fundraising events.
Is there an advantage to having more than one page?
Absolutely, having a page specific to each event or campaign allows you to customize the message conveyed on the Acceptiva page, the online 'thank you' page as well as on the email receipt sent to donors. This is impossible to do if all of your organization's donation options are listed on one large general donation form. Having campaign specific pages also allows you to quickly and easily view all donation data by Acceptiva page in the Acceptiva online reporting. You can even have a unique, customized header at the top of each Acceptiva page.
Can I accept recurring donations and payments?
Yes, you can accept payments on a one time or recurring basis and can allow your donors to choose how regularly they would like their payments to re-occur; weekly, twice weekly, monthly, twice monthly, quarterly, and half yearly or yearly. And unlike other services, when a donor chooses a recurring payment option, Acceptiva manages and conducts the recurring transactions for you automatically, so that you don't have to do anything to initiate and accept follow-on donations. Our clients can also manage all aspects of recurring donations and can make changes to them or de-active them as needed.
How long will it be before I can start taking donations?
Less than twenty-four hours from the time your merchant account application is approved. Merchant account applications usually take 3-4 business days to be approved.
Can I make changes to the Thank You page and Receipts for our Acceptiva pages?
Yes, you can make edits and changes to the Step 3 of 3 Thank You page and the Receipt pages.
Are there any additional costs for edits and changes to Acceptiva pages?
No, this is included in your monthly fee.
Can I activate and deactivate Acceptiva pages on my account?
Yes, through Acceptiva's Client Manager you are able to manage the Page Status of your Acceptiva pages.
Can I use Acceptiva to accept transactions other than donations?
Yes. Acceptiva clients accept payments for all types of transactions, such as contributions, gifts, donations, membership payments, event registrations, tithes and sponsorships etc.
Do you provide online auction services?
No. Acceptiva does not provide online auction services. Acceptiva does however, have a complete API that enables software providers, including online auction software, to process transactions directly through your Acceptiva account.
Do you have a shopping cart?
No. Shopping carts are used to sell items that require calculation of sales taxes and shipping fees. As Acceptiva works only with nonprofit organizations that rarely sell items that require them to pay sales tax, we have not developed shopping cart software.
However, many of our clients do sell items using an Acceptiva page; they do this via our 'Shopping List' payment type that allows for the listing of items with individual prices and selectable quantities.
Do you accept international credit cards?
Yes. You can accept credit cards from anywhere in the world.


Does Acceptiva charge a monthly fee for its service?
Yes. Acceptiva charges one low flat rate monthly fee for our core service. Our clients also pay a low monthly merchant account fee and low processing and transaction fees if they use an Acceptiva provided merchant account. All charges are detailed on our client's online merchant account statements each month and debited from their bank account at the end of the month. See the Acceptiva pricing page for full details including pricing for optional services.
Does Acceptiva charge additional processing fees other than the merchant account fees?
Acceptiva clients that use an Acceptiva provided merchant account do not pay incremental transaction processing fees. Clients that choose to use their own merchant account pay an Acceptiva gateway fee.
Does Acceptiva charge for edits, changes or new pages?
No. There are never any additional charges to edit, change or add new Acceptiva pages. You can submit edits and changes and have Acceptiva pages added and removed as often as needed.


What types of nonprofits use Acceptiva?
Acceptiva provides service to hundreds of nonprofits of all types and sizes including many colleges, schools, churches, ministries and places of worship. The speed and ease of setup appeals to nonprofit organizations that need a secure professional online donations and payment solution yet may not have in-house staff that can manage the complexities of integrating a merchant account with a secure web page.
At Acceptiva we do all the work to get you setup and to keep you running smoothly; leaving you time to do the things that you do best. There are no long-term contracts and you don't need any technical expertise to get your organization accepting donations online quickly, easily and professionally.
How is the Acceptiva service different from PayPal®?
Acceptiva is very different from PayPal®. Acceptiva is a completely customized and personalized payment solution that links from your own web site and is fully integrated with your own merchant account; so funds are deposited into your own bank account that you control and donors see your organizations' name on their credit card statement. Acceptiva also provides your donors with a personalized thank you note and a personalized receipt sent automatically via email; and allows you to define the type of information that you want to gather from donors during the payment process. These features allow you to know more about your donors and establish a better, longer lasting relationship with them.
Why pay for Acceptiva when there are free online donation services available?
As with most online services there are almost always free versions available for those that do not want to pay any money at all. The majority of free online payment processors provide generic, confusing donor pages, charge high processing rates (as high as 8.75%) and keep your funds for several weeks before sending them to you. They also put THEIR name on your donor's credit card statements (i.e., that often leads to increased donor confusion and phone calls to your organization; and a marked increase in disputed charges or non-payment from donors that do not recognize the generic processor name. All in all, the result is usually lost revenue for your organization and more time spent managing the process than developing your donor base.
Acceptiva integrates a low cost merchant account with your Acceptiva payment pages, has the industry's most affordable monthly service fee and enables you to receive all funds directly into your own bank account, while providing you with customized and personalized donor pages and excellent customer service. If you are serious about providing your donors with a professional online donation and payment experience at a reasonable cost, we believe you can't afford a free processing service.
Is my account information safe?
Yes, very safe. As all funds are deposited directly into your own bank account, no-one can access your information to transfer your funds without your knowledge. We do not store your bank account or credit card information anywhere on our platform.
Is Acceptiva PCI DSS Compliant and are Acceptiva pages secure?
Yes, very secure. Acceptiva is a VISA/MasterCard certified PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. All Acceptiva pages are hosted on our PCI DSS Level 1 compliant secure servers and all data is encrypted using TLS, industry standard secure technology. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance requirements were developed by VISA/MasterCard and are enforced by Qualified Security Assessors (QSAs) such as our QSA, Trustwave.
Does Acceptiva use the information it gathers from my donors?
No. When your donors access the Acceptiva payment platform through your Acceptiva pages, their information will never be misused. Acceptiva does not disclose, sell, trade, rent, or otherwise reveal donor information to third parties, including advertisers or marketers. All data gathered to process payments is the sole property of our clients. Acceptiva never uses donor information for any purpose other than internal analysis and then only in aggregate. See our privacy policy for details.
Can I use Acceptiva if my nonprofit organization is based outside the United States?
No. At this time Acceptiva is available only to nonprofit organizations that reside in the U.S. Check back for international availability.

Merchant Accounts:

What is a merchant account and why do I need one?
A merchant account is simply an agreement between a credit card processor and an organization that establishes the rules for accepting credit card transactions and transferring funds. A merchant account is connected to an organization's bank account so that the funds transacted can be transferred to the organization. Without a merchant account you cannot accept credit or debit card transactions directly into your organization's bank account.
Does Acceptiva sell merchant accounts?
Yes, we provide you with one of the industry's lowest cost online merchant accounts from our processor partner and then connect it for you with your Acceptiva secure donation pages. Your merchant account is connected to your bank account so that funds are deposited directly into your own bank account.
Can we use our existing merchant account with the Acceptiva Service?
Yes you can, however to accept online transactions you need a 'card not present' online merchant account. This is different from "swipe machine" type merchant account. Acceptiva can provide you with a low cost online merchant account through one of our partners or you can use your own merchant account provider. If you choose to use your own merchant account, Acceptiva charges a gateway fee per transaction. Call for gateway fee pricing details.

Virtual Terminal:

What is a "virtual terminal"?
A virtual terminal is an online screen that is connected to your merchant account and bank account that allows you to manually enter transactions. It is often used by our clients to replace an existing merchant account that they have kept just to process payments or donations that they receive in person, over the phone or from a paper form sent to them in the mail. If you currently have a merchant account just for this purpose, the free Acceptiva virtual terminal will save you the monthly cost of your existing merchant account.
Does Acceptiva offer a "virtual terminal"?
Yes, as the Acceptiva Solution includes your own merchant account you have a 'virtual terminal' from which you can manually enter and process transactions that you receive over the phone or via standard mail. And, all transaction data is captured and reported in the Acceptiva Client Manager where your donor data resides.

Funds Processing:

How will I know a donation has been made to my Page?
You will receive a copy of the e-mail receipt that your donor receives in real time. You can also access all donor information via the secure Acceptiva Client Manager and even download this data as an Excel spreadsheet.
Whose name will appear on donor credit or debit card statements?
Your organization's name will appear on the credit, debit or bank statements of your donors or members. 'Acceptiva' will never appear on any of these documents in any way.
Does Acceptiva 'hold' our funds and release them to our organization at a later date?
No. Acceptiva ensures that all funds processed through your Acceptiva page are deposited directly into your own bank account via the merchant account that is included with your Acceptiva service. Acceptiva never has access to your funds and so unlike many of our competitors we do not hold your funds or touch them in any way.


How do I refund or credit a donor?
As mentioned above, as an Acceptiva client you will have access to your own virtual terminal from which you can issue refunds, partial refunds and voids as necessary. The virtual terminal has a very simple user interface and is accessible from the Acceptiva Client Manager.
What is a chargeback?
A chargeback results when a donor disputes a charge on their credit card. This happens very rarely if you have your own merchant account, as your organization's name is displayed on your donor's credit card statement, ensuring that they know exactly to whom they made a donation. Acceptiva will assist you to deal with the credit card companies if a chargeback is requested by one of your donors.
What is a voided transaction?
A transaction that has not settled, voided transactions are never sent to the merchant bank for processing and never appear on the donor's credit card or bank statement and are in effect 'erased'.
What is a refunded transaction?
A transaction that has settled, it will appear on a donor's credit card or bank statement as a 'Credit' to their account.
Can I do partial refunds?
Yes, as mentioned before, as an Acceptiva client you will have access to your own virtual terminal from which you can issue partial refunds as necessary.

Account Administration:

What are Primary and Secondary Contacts and what's the difference between them?
The Primary Contact on your account is the individual that has the ability to determine the level of access to data and permissions that Secondary Contacts have in the Acceptiva Client Manager.
How many Primary Contacts can we have?
You can have as many Primary Contacts as you like.
How many Secondary Contacts can we have?
You can have as many Secondary Contacts as you like.
Can I control the level of access, by payment page that each contact has on the account?
Yes, your Primary Contact controls what pages Secondary Contacts have access to and at what level they are able to see data.
What are permission settings and why would I use them?
Permissions are the settings that govern the access to data and editing capabilities that Contacts have on your account. Permissions give you the flexibility to have individual Contacts view and manage information that pertains only to specific Acceptiva pages.
The currently available permission settings are:
  • Account Contact: The ability to view client and page summaries. This is the default access permission settings for all Contacts and cannot be made inactive.
  • View Financial Data: The ability to view transaction activity, search transactions and download all data for a page or specific Acceptiva pages.
  • Accept Payments In Client Manager: The ability to use the 'Accept Payment' functionality also known as the 'Virtual Terminal', to process transactions manually.
  • Edit Recurring Transactions: The ability to edit and make changes to recurring transaction data.
  • Process Transaction Voids: The ability to process a void for a transaction that has been approved but has not yet been processed for settlement.
  • Process Transaction Refunds: The ability to process a partial or full refund for a transaction that has been processed for settlement.
  • Page - Change Status: The ability to make pages Active, Sold Out, Offline or Unviewable.
  • Page - Edit Receipts: The ability to edit the content of Thank You pages and Receipts.
  • Receive E-mail Receipts: Receive copies of E-mail Receipt notifications.
  • Recurring Charge Summaries: Receive Recurring Charge Summaries via email when recurring charges take place for your account.
Do I need to contact Acceptiva to add/edit contacts or change permission settings on our account?
No, you can add and manage contacts and permission settings within the Acceptiva Client Manager.

Advance Services:

Can I 'post' data from my website to my Acceptiva Pages?
Yes, Acceptiva supports the 'POST and GET methods of transferring data from your web site to an Acceptiva Page. We also have an API if you'd like to build your own secure pages and simply pass the data through to our online gateway. Contact us for details.

Card Reader:

I have an event that I would like to swipe donor/payers payment cards. Can I do that with Acceptiva pages?
Yes, we are able to enable any of your payments pages to use a card reader with, to accept payments.
Are there specific brands of card readers that work best with Acceptiva pages?
Yes, Acceptiva has tested and approved the following card readers for use with Acceptiva pages:
MagTek - SureSwipe USB HID - 21040140
MagTek - Centurion USB HID - 21073075
Where can I purchase a card reader? Does Acceptiva sell card readers?
No, Acceptiva does not sell card readers. We suggest that you purchase card readers from or you can contact Nick Bruett, Account Manager, 312-765-6871 to place an order.
Does the card reader store content?
No, the card reader simply reads the content of the credit/debit card and puts it onto the Acceptiva page. It will not store content for future transaction processing unless you are entering a recurring charge.
How do I get my Acceptiva Page to accept a card reader?
Currently Acceptiva pages can ONLY be enabled by Acceptiva. Contact Acceptiva customer service to request that your page be 'card reader enabled' if required.
What is the fee to have Acceptiva pages 'card reader enabled'?
At this time, there is no fee.

Other questions? Please contact us for answers.

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