• We create and edit your customized and secure payment pages for you
  • Automatic receipts sent to your donors and members
  • All donor data is available conveniently online
  • We provide a virtual terminal for processing manual transactions
  • Set up and integration of a low cost merchant account
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The pages below are some examples of the types of Acceptiva pages that we provide to our clients. You'll see that we can create pages for a variety of needs that your non profit may have, including Annual Funds and Tribute Gifts, Tithes and Donations and Event Registration and Ticket Sales. Each page can be customized to enable you to gather specific information and display a unique banner on each page. The Thank You page and Email Receipt can also be customized for each page.

Each example page below is in 'Test Mode' and so you can actually conduct a test transaction using the following test data:
Name on Card = test.
Card Type = VISA. Card Number = 4222222222222. (4 followed by 12 twos)
Card Security Code = 123.
Expiration date = 10/15.
If you enter a real email address in the Email Address field you will receive a receipt for your test transaction in your email in-box.

If you have questions about our page capabilities or any other aspect of the Acceptiva service please call 1-800-507-3871.

Acceptiva's Recurring Charge capabilities allow donors to have a gift commence being charged at a future date and to select from three different end date scenarios, i.e., after a number of charges, after a set dollar amount has been reached or after a specific date. The Acceptiva platform automatically discontinues a charge once any one of the chosen options is met. This enables you to conduct Annual Funds and similar giving campaigns safe in the knowledge that donors will not be charged beyond their committed gift intention.

Acceptiva pages can range in complexity from simple pages such as this General Donation page to very sophisticated pages. Each page can have a virtually unlimited number of optional data fields to ensure that you capture as much donor data as needed.

Event Registration [golf tournament] Page
Acceptiva pages can accommodate all manner of event registrations and can be customized to enable multiple payment options on one page for a variety of payment needs including Registrations, Raffle Ticket sales and Sponsorship payments.

Event Registration [walk-a-thon] Page
Walk-a-thons are popular fundraising events for many Acceptiva clients. This page demonstrates a simple registration section with multiple optional data fields.

Membership Registration Page
An Acceptiva Membership Page enables your organization to allow members to sign up and renew their membership quickly and securely online and receive their membership receipt via email immediately.

Tribute Gifts Page
Many Acceptiva clients enable donors to make gifts in memory, tribute or honor of a loved one. Acceptiva can integrate this capability into an existing donation page or create a standalone page similar to this example.

Sales Page
An Acceptiva Ticket Page provides a quick, secure and easy way for supporters to purchase tickets online and makes it that much easier for your non-profit to track sales and automatically issue email receipts.

Camp/Class Sign Up Page
Camp and Class registrations are a breeze using Acceptiva. Sign up pages can have multiple data fields to capture all of the relevant information required for any event and registrants receive an email containing their complete registration details.

Tithe/Giving Page
Allowing your church or religious organization to accept Tithes and Gifts online from members enables you to more accurately track gift revenue and ensures that members can give conveniently and easily.

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