• Create and update as many secure pages as you need for
    one low monthly fee
  • Deposit funds quickly into your bank account
  • Send customized email receipts automatically on your behalf
  • Enable you to securely access all information anytime
  • Make you look good and your life easier
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About Acceptiva

Acceptiva clients know the importance of having a branded and customized online donations solution. They know that donors want to feel connected to their organization and that the connection starts with the donor's first interaction; whether in person or online. That's why Acceptiva provides branded donation pages and automatically sends personalized thank you notes and receipts. You can even customize the data fields on your payment pages so that you can learn more about your donors.

In developing Acceptiva, we focused on small to medium sized nonprofit organizations whose unique needs have largely been ignored by the big online donation management companies. We know that you most likely don't have an in-house IT staff or web development team and that the cost of integrating a merchant account with a donation page may be beyond the budget of your organization; or that you simply may not know where to start.

Here are some things that we've learned over the years; things that our clients prove every day.

  • A branded donations page will convert more donations than an unbranded page.
  • Customized language on your pages and receipts will increase donor comfort and result in fewer phone calls to your organization; reducing your administration costs.
  • Putting your organization's name on your donor's credit card statement will reduce donor confusion, chargebacks and phone calls to your organization; again reducing your costs.
  • Having your own merchant account is the safest and more secure way to ensure that you receive donations quickly and at the lowest cost.
  • Acceptiva is the most affordable, managed online donations solution in the industry.

Sign up with Acceptiva and you'll soon learn why 100% of our clients say they'd recommend us to their colleagues!

About Acceptiva

Acceptiva is located in the city of Snoqualmie, 28 miles east of Seattle in Washington State, and has since 2004, been the easiest, most affordable provider of customized and branded online donation solutions for nonprofits. Acceptiva is all you need.

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Acceptiva, LLC
38579 River Street SE
Snoqualmie, WA 98065
Phone: 1.800.507.3871

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Acceptiva, LLC
PO Box 104
Snoqualmie, WA 98065

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